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Our Site!!

Post  Puppy paws 3 on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:03 am

Hey Guys,
Please can [url=puppypaws3.tk]puppypaws3.tk[/url] have a moment of your time.We would just like you to say what you don't like on our site and what we can improve.You may also tell us what you like and help us in the future with our site.You never know your idea may be picked to use.

In other news at the moment I am trying to make a trainer but the program is not working!!I will try and get that fixed.

You may have noticed I have also added a few banners and advertisements for our forum (here) and some games you should check out which are a bit like Club Penguin.I have also added a banner to download our toolbar which I have just created which lets you access our site,chat and even subcribe and lots,lots more!!We are still only working it but if features are added you may have to re-download it or it may just appear!If you would like to download it go to: http://cpcheatscp.ourtoolbar.com/ .Notice: Does not work on Google Chrome.

More Cheats Coming Soon Very Happy,

-Puppy paws 3
(Owner of puppypaws3.tk)
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